• Blue Nurse Dress & Apron (Named)

  • $70.00 USD

  • Description

    Vintage 1940s blue nurse uniform dress, apron and accessories. Dress is photographed by itself and with the two piece apron / bib. These items are all named to Miss Janet Peters (aside from the belt which is named to Mary Knowles). The accessories included with the dress (besides the two piece apron) are: collar, cuffs, and belt. Most of the accessories are marked "Marvin -Neitzel Corp. Troy, NY."

    MEASUREMENTS (approximate):
    Bust - 36"
    Waist - 27"
    Hips - 34"
    Length - 46"
    The apron fits a bit smaller: 25"- 26" waist.

    The dress buttons down the front with 8 total detachable buttons (for easy cleaning). There are two labels in the neck, "Janet Peters" and "Marvin Neitzel Troy New York". There are two pockets; one on the breast and one on the waist.
    The apron only has two buttons (it is slightly adjustable 25"-26" waist). The bib vest has no button holes; it doesn't seem to actually attach to the apron skirt, it appears to just stay in place on its own. The collar and cuffs have button holes but no buttons. The collar is just sitting in place in the photos (although there is a hole in the dress to attach it). The cuffs are pinned in place as there doesn't seem to be a place to attach them.

    It is in good condition overall. There is minor discoloration and a few tiny specks here and there but nothing very detracting. The apron has marks where it was taken in before.

    We have several dresses like this (all from the same woman). This one in most of the photos is in the best condition. The other ones have more plain buttons on the dress and no buttons on the apron. One has a small hole near the pocket. The other has a small hole near the pocket and under the armpit reinforcement (also the buttons on this one vary every so slightly). Both of the pocket holes are vertical and could be easily fixed with mending tape. The apron pieces, cuffs, collar and belt have more wear (discoloration, staining, and small tears).

    We also have a white uniform and extra aprons (both from the same woman).