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    Restock of our stoves is waiting on a few key components. It will be some time before we are able to pursue these again. I can not provide an estimate as I still need to find new sources or invent a new way of making the missing parts.


    Attention!: This listing is for various prototypes and early versions of our stove. We are clearing them out to help make room for the next production run. They vary slightly from one another and some have been used and will be a little dirty/scratched. All will work basically the same. You can select either a short or a tall stove from the drop down menu. The tall stove is the more correct height from our latest production run. When the new batch is finished, the stoves will cost around $230 so this is a good chance to pick up a decent reproduction stove at a good price. This is sort of a scratch and dent sale, all stoves look basically the same but there will be minor variations.

    Every reenactment unit should have a stove like this to gather around at events. Whether you just want to keep warm or you want to cook at events, this is a great alternative to a campfire; after all, a campfire would give away your position. This reproduction feldofen is 100% made in the USA and is very heavy duty. The top of the stove fits a 3in. pipe for the chimney and it has a special hole design to fit a German mess kit. The 3in. chimney pipe is not included but inexpensive and easily available at nearly any hardware store like Home Depot for about $6 for 5 feet. There are 4 hooks around the outside that allow you to hang even more mess kits for cooking or just to keep them warm. All stoves are painted stove black like every original. If you need to touch up the paint just use Rustoleum grill paint, it is a good match. You can really take your camping authenticity to the next level. This is a front line piece that would have been used in forward positions and not just in the rear. It would have been installed in bunkers and used simply set up in the open. It even has a carrying handle in case you need to move out in a hurry and don't have time for the stove to cool. The stove weighs about 10.5 pounds so it is easily transportable. Before you use this in a tent or bunker, fire it up in the open and get it hot to bake the paint and any finish that might be on your stove pipe. 


    This reproduction German bunker stove is copied from the all sheet metal version. Not only is it accurate and functional, it is also relatively inexpensive. It is very comparable in price to modern generic camping stoves. We tried to replicate all the details of the original where possible but there are some unknowns that we had to work out for ourselves like the hing pieces for the lid which were clearly repaired on the original sample. We are working from a few printed out photos we saved from over 8 years ago.  It stands approximately 17.5in. tall and is made from various thicknesses of sheet steel from 12gauge to 20.  It was originally designed to run on charcoal but wood cut to 10in. or less in length will work also, I have seen original photos where wood was also used. This stove is quite durable, we actually got the prototype glowing hot and it handled it just fine. Like any stove, make sure it is well ventilated. Mess kits not included.


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