• Deli Vitamin Bonbons Packaging (Set of 2)

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    Original WWII Deli vitamin bonbon envelopes. Price is for TWO bonbon envelopes. 


    The Wehrmacht was supplied with a multitude of sweets to keep up morale and vitamin infused candies had obvious benefits. These are original unused envelopes. I have seen them stamped with Wehrmacht-Packung or something similar but this is fantasy. These envelopes are correct as-is and would have been seen on the front, see original photo. A great item for display or to keep candies in for prefect pocket trash.


    The envelopes are in great condition. They measure approximately 4 1/4" long and 2 1/2" wide.

  • WWII 1930s 1940s Vintage German Deli Vitamin Bonbons Packaging
  • Deli Vitamin Bonbons Packaging (Set of 2)

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