• Em.1mR.36. Rangefinder in Case w/ Tripod

  • $2,200.00 USD

  • Description

    German 1 meter long rangefinder in like new condition. The box has some light wear on the outside but everything inside the case is in amazingly good condition. The webbing strap that holds the lid is a little frayed from getting caught in the closed case a few times. This is the rangefinder, steel case, optics Illumination device with leather battery box, Tripod and the cradle to mount the rangefinder on the tripod along with a few other accessories (see photos, map table is not included!). It is marked fwq 1942. If you want to have a rangefinder, this is the one to own. 


    If you would be able to pick it up in person and pay cash I could entertain offers.