• Feldgrau Toque with SS RZM Tag

  • $9.00 USD

  • Description

    Surplus Feldgrau colored wool blend toque sometime referred to as "Oma" in reference to making the soldier look like a stereotypical grandmother wearing her shawl. The toque is one of the best pieces of winter gear ever invented and is an iconic piece of German field equipment. They can frequently be found in photos throughout much of the war. It can be worn as a scarf or stretched to cover your neck and head. It can also be made into a hat by putting one end on your head making a 1/4 turn with the tube and then pulling the other end on your head. The turn closes the top. I use mine all the time. They are all generally a feldgrau to gray color. Sorry, no choice. 


    We added a SS RZM tag just for fun, If you don't like the tag, it peels off pretty easy and will likely fall off on its own when stretched. These are surplus, but they are deadstock in good condition. It is possible there may be small manufacturing defects like a tiny hole, loose threads, or pulling in the knit. There may be light discoloration (especially along folds) or other storage wear.


    We sorted these by length and they are priced accordingly. These are pretty stretchy so functionally they all work similarly well...

    Short - The short toque is less bulky making it a good choice if you just want it for your neck or head and don't need to get much fancier.

    Regular - This is a normal sized toque, it is quite stretchy and long enough to completely cover your head and neck. It also has enough length to form a beanie hat.

    Extra Long - These are noticeably longer than normal. Much like the regular sized toque but longer.