• French Kalmine Pill Box with Contents

  • $15.00 USD

  • Description

    Pre-war French cardboard box for Kalmine pills. It still has some of the tablets inside as well as instructions. The tablets feel a bit like styrofoam. Good for headaches / migraines, fatigue, fever, insomnia, etc. I am unsure if you are supposed to take them like pills (they seem a bit big for that) or if you dissolve it in liquid and drink it.


    It is good overall condition. Nine out of the original twelve tablets are inside. All the tablets are marked Kalmine. The box is nice other than a stain on the front. The instruction sheet also has some staining. Good display item for a German soldier, civilian, or French resistance. It measures about 3 3/8" by 2/14".


    Sold as a collectible ONLY. Contents are not to be consumed.