• G.Sprgr.30 Reenactment Rifle Grenades

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    WWII German rifle grenades have never been so accurate and affordable for reenactment use.  Stop shouting, "Take your hit!" when one of these drops in their lap, they will respect it. Now with rubber nose cones!


    • Display quality detail.  Better than most "reproductions" sold elsewhere for $20+ each!
    • Inexpensive (As low as $3.30 each!) Reusable rounds at a disposable price.
    • Field ready, take them out of the box and use them. (A little extra glue may help keep them together)
    • Safe, light weight (2.5oz.), 3 piece construction using a injection molded rubber nose cone.
    • Easily fire them 150 yards with appropriate blanks.
    • Hollow design, add marking powder or create a puff of smoke if you like.
    • Buy in bulk (30 rounds for $99) will ship for free inside the USA!

    We try to keep at least a few rounds in stock, but we often produce these as they are ordered, so please take that into consideration when ordering. Depending on the size of your order, we should be able to ship in 3 to 7 days.  It rarely takes us more than 2 or 3 days to ship any order, but we state that it can take up to 7 days to cover any unforeseeable delays.

    These are the reenactment rifle grenade rounds that every reenactor has always fantasized about. Its time to put away the tennis balls and dowel rods or whatever else you've been cramming down your schießbecher; why would any self respecting reenactor take a hit from anything less?  Every round is ready to take into the field; no  painting required, already marked, safe, strong, highly detailed and light weight.

    This is the newest generation of our reenactment rifle grenades (version 3.1) and you are benefiting from many years of gradual improvement. This reproduction of the German Gewehr Spreng Granat 30 has a strong 3 piece construction comprised of an injection molded natural rubber nose, a cast resin tail, and a cardboard tube middle. Each round weighs about 2.5oz. making them many times lighter than required by most reenactment society safety guidelines out there.  These are designed to be useable at reenactments and to be cheap enough not to worry about if you lose one every now and then. These are mostly reusable, provided you can find them. The hollow construction allows you an opportunity to experiment with various fillers such as a marking powder or something similar to make a puff of smoke on the receiving end.

    We have found that green tipped Austrian .308 blanks are perfect for these and will easily launch them 150 yards depending on wind conditions, your aim, etc...  The rounds typically land on their side rather than their nose which distributes the impact enough to both keep the round intact and keep them as harmless as possible. Never fire these at an angle below 45 degrees! That is what nearly every reenactment society out there stipulates in their safety guidelines and it's solid advice. Light weight and strength are the key to safe reenactment ordnance.  People say stuff has to be made out of rubber to be safe but those are usually the same people that are happy to lob a 1lb. projectile!  It doesn't matter how squishy it is, if it is heavy it will hurt and potentially cause injury, trust me.  These light weight rounds are the best thing out there if you actually fire them.

    These actually look way better than most of the solid resin repros sold elsewhere for $20+ a piece. Some rounds turn out better than others, meaning there might be some air bubbles, dimples, and resin color variation from black to gray.  The fit of the resin parts in the cardboard tube varies but is usually snug; if it is a little loose, some glue will correct that.  Remember these are intended to be semi-disposable, so they are not perfect.

    Disclaimer: This rifle grenade is based on an original round, the dimensions of this round match an original exactly (exactly is a loaded word, but these actually are as close to an original as anyone can make them.)  If you are using a reproduction cup that was improperly made, the rounds may not fit.  You shouldn't have problems with an original cup (that isn't rusty and pitted) or well-made reproductions.  The diameter of this round at its widest point (the fat part of the rifling) is approximately 1.212 inches. The smallest diameter is approximately 1.190 inches.


  • G.Sprgr.30 WWII German reenactment rifle grenades
  • G.Sprgr.30 Reenactment Rifle Grenades
  • G.Sprgr.30 Reenactment Rifle Grenades
  • G.Sprgr.30 Reenactment Rifle Grenades

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