• German Blue Print Dress
    (B-38" W-29" H-40")

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  • Description

    This is a lovely 1930s handmade summer weight dress from Germany.

    MEASUREMENTS (approximate):
    Bust - 38"
    Waist - 29"
    Hips - 40"
    Length - 42 1/2"

    During the 1930s, the woman who made this was a seamstress who worked from her house and her husband was a traveling salesman. After the war, the area of Germany she lived in became East Germany and, under communism, she was not allowed to continue working from home. She packed away all of her remaining inventory in the attic and her and her husband went to work in a factory. Some of the dresses were still folded up from when they were originally put away. These dresses have been untouched since they were lovingly put into storage after the war. They may never have even been worn! This is the last one in this color!

    The dress is made of what looks like a cotton/rayon blend, a very breathable lightweight fabric. The dress has a little bit of extra material at the shoulders, sewn in such a way to make shoulders fill out (this is a typical German pattern, slightly mimicking traditional clothing which was a very popular style of the time). There is a side opening, but no closures. The bust area folds over itself; it does not have any closures (it stays closed on its own).

    This dress in in very good condition (new old stock). We have a few of this dress in stock - there may be some slight imperfections in the material and a little bit of pulling at the seams by the side opening. There also may be an ever-so-slight fading to the color in places. A few may have some spots of light discoloration (the best ones will ship first). It still has some of the fold lines from storage.


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  • Vintage 1930s/1940s German Blue Print Dress Pre-WWII
  • German Blue Print Dress <br> (B-38" W-29" H-40")
  • German Blue Print Dress <br> (B-38" W-29" H-40")
  • German Blue Print Dress <br> (B-38" W-29" H-40")
  • German Blue Print Dress <br> (B-38" W-29" H-40")
  • German Blue Print Dress <br> (B-38" W-29" H-40")

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