• German Sleeveless Flower Dress and White Undershirt
    (B-39" W-31" H-48")

  • $85.00 USD

  • Description

    Vintage 1930s / 1940s German sleeveless flower dress and (newer) white undershirt.


    MEASUREMENTS OF DRESS (approximate):
    Bust - 39"-40"
    Waist - 31"-32"
    Hips - up to 48"
    Length - 41"


    The dress is handmade. It buttons down the front with heart shaped buttons. There is a Zipp side metal zipper. The dress is in overall good, wearable condition. It does have a rather ingenious mend. There was a hole in the skirt which was fixed by cutting a triangular portion out of the bottom of one side and sewing it over the hole. The cut portion was repaired by adding a light pink rayon cloth. I actually did not notice the repair on the dress itself, because it blends in with the print (I actually only found it when I looked at it inside out). There are a few other little signs of wear, mainly along the blue trim on collar and sleeve. The photos on the mannequin make the dress look darker than it is (the photo of it lying on the floor is more true in color)


    The white undershirt is marked size 42 and is newer, probably from the 1970s / 1980s, but is included to complete the outfit. Although, depending on your shape, you may be able to wear the dress by itself - the arm holes are a little on the larger side, so it may show off too much without the undershirt!. The undershirt is little larger then the dress, so they are not a perfect match, but they still fit together nicely.