• German Sunglasses Blendschutzbrille für Kraftfahrer

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    These are newly manufactured men's sunglasses made of imitation tortoise shell and with UV resistant lenses and closely replicate the original issued Machine Gunner sunglasses. The primary difference is the brown tint of the lenses rather than green. These are about 10% larger than the originals but this difference means that they will actually fit your head as the originals will not likely fit a modern adult head. This style was popular around the world from the 1920's through the 1940's.  We added a newly made green printed protective slip marked NEOPHAN, this was the German equivalent of Ray-Ban and manufactured by Auer (the same company that made gas mask lenses).  We pulled the graphics from an ad in an issue of die Wehrmacht.

    • Closely replicates original German sunglasses. Don't ruin your impression by wearing a lesser pair of sunglasses.
    • Wearable size. Not too tiny. Not too big.
    • UV protective lenses.
    • Green fabric protective slip with period graphics.
    • Great for reenacting and everyday use.
    • Great period style, appropriate for nearly any impression; German, U.S., British, Russian, etc...

    We have been searching for a suitable replica for years and these glasses exceeded our expectations; the tint of the lenses and the shade of the frames are only slightly different from original examples. Their shape is perfect, even the ear pieces and bridge. There were many different manufacturers of sunglasses in Germany so naturally there were variations (which mostly occurred in the shape of the ear pieces).  The lenses are circular, not oval, and are a dark brown color and retain the same coloring throughout with no fading. The original sunglasses that these replicate sell regularly for over $200 as they are often associated with the Luftwaffe or machine gun crews.  Compare the original pair with our sunglasses in the photos.  Sunglasses were actually very common during the war and you can find many original photos of soldiers wearing them.  This style of sunglasses were actually issued to many German MG crews.

    These are great for long summer displays stuck out in the sun.  Don't set up another display at a shadeless airshow without a pair of these.

    The front of the glasses measures 5 3/8" across. The round lenses measure 1 3/4" in diameter and the arms measure 5 5/8" in total length.

  • Vintage 1940s WWII Sunglasses German
  • WWII German Sunglasses
  • German Sunglasses Blendschutzbrille für Kraftfahrer
  • German Sunglasses Blendschutzbrille für Kraftfahrer

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