• German Vehicle Ignition Switch

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    Newly made correct style ignition switch for many German vehicles with 2 keys. Even the shape and type of the key is a correct variation. I have seen a great many similar keys dug up in Russia. You will require a separate start button as this does not have a start position like modern ignition set ups; this is fairly standard for the era. It works like this....


    Key out- Everything off

    Key in (any position)- Power to ignition/coil

    Key out (any position)- No power to ignition/coil

    Position 0 (Key in) - Power to ignition/coil only, no other features on

    Position 1 (key in or out) - Parking lights on

    Position 2 (Key out or in) - Headlights on

    Position 3 (Key in or out) - Other


    The ability to have the lights on even with the key removed is typical German which you even see on many motorcycles of the era. It is so that you can park the vehicle and leave the parking lights on but still basically immobilize it. This way when you park on the side of the road at night, other vehicles on the road can clearly see you. Its amusing how long this concept was important and we don't do it anymore. The idea of a parking light existed even for horse drawn wagons with oil lamps.


    The various contacts on the back are numbered and, to my surprise when I rewired my Ford, they did actually match up close to the original wiring diagram, although the diagram was hard to read. 

  • German Vehicle Ignition Switch
  • German Vehicle Ignition Switch
  • German Vehicle Ignition Switch

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