• Green Wool Sweater Size 50
    (44"-46" Chest)

  • $27.50 USD $32.00 USD

  • Description

    Vintage 1940s emerald green wool button down sweater.

    MEASUREMENTS (approximate): **
    Bust - 44"-46" 
    Waist - 43"-45" 
    Length - 26"-26 1/2"
    Sleeve - 25 1/2"-26"

    **a few sweaters may stretch another inch or so


    These are deadstock sweaters that we were lucky enough to find in quantity, so the photos do not show the exact one you may receive. There are nice pockets on the front. All have the Lamb's Wool label at the neck and a size 50 tag that is stapled in (the staples are rusty).


    They are a little dirty and musty smelling from storage. Most have some small holes. I took many photos of several different sweaters trying to show all the possible stains and holes. The photos represent the spectrum of the sweaters we have available and all of the flaws shown are not on every sweater. On some photos I put a white piece of paper behind the material to show the hole better. 


    I have not cleaned these, but am optimistic that a visit to the dry cleaners would take a lot of the staining out (if you go the dry cleaning route, you should mention they are vintage from the 1940s, so the cleaners know to treat them delicately so they don't shrink).


    They are a dark emerald green color. The color reminds me of CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps). Some of the photos make them look brighter and greener than they actually are.


    These button up the same way women's clothing does, but the style is very unisex. They do not have any bust darts.


    We also have this same sweater in size 48 (43"-45" chest).