• Luftschutz Hausapotheke First Aid Medicine Cabinet

  • $225.00 USD

  • Description

    Decent original Luftschutz hausapotheke which has been overpainted many times. Mechanically and structurally, this one is very solid. I would say it would be an ideal candidate for restoration. The inside is actually fairly clean compared to what most of these look like. You could probably just clean the inside and strip and repaint the outside to end up with a really great medicine cabinet. If you're into the rustic look, this is probably fine as-is, as it's not that bad and one could argue that it has a certain aesthetic as it is.


    I have one of these myself that hangs prominently on the wall and I do use it as my everyday medicine cabinet. Its a fantastic way to bring a little piece of history into everyday use. Unfortunately, shipping prices these days are really dragging the price upwards. Is now rather uneconomical to ship one from Europe due to its size and weight. It is fairly heavy.