• M1917A1 Kelly Helmet

  • $99.00 USD

  • Description

    Original M1917A1 kelly U.S. helmet with original paint chin strap and aluminum liner band (minus most of the leather liner). This is a great example to have on a display head. The paint and very heavy cork texture are in good condition. There are two marks in the paint on either side from being stacked with other helmets when the paint wasn't entirely hard yet. Some one also lightly chalked a chevron on the front; I am not sure if that would remove easily or not. The leather is basically gone with only a little bit remaining around the edge. It seems like it was stored in a very hot dry environment. The remaining leather is flexible but just sort of disintegrates. The chin strap is in good condition, as is the buckle. It really is a nice one to put out on display or if you wanted to replace the leather, it would be a nice one to wear.