• Metzgerei Meat Bags (set of 3)

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    When you shopped at the Franz Buchauer Gasthof und Metzgerei in Waldmünchen, you would have left with some meat in one of these bags.  These are the perfect period trash, as shopping bags like this were used everywhere and would surely have found their way to the front in care packages or in bread bags. 


    These are brand new old stock bags, still tied together with a bit of string, the way they would have been delivered for use 80 years ago. The design in printed on one side, the other side is blank.


    Each bag has a small hole at the top where it is pulled from the sting.  They are in good condition, with only minor wear / sight wrinkling from age.  They measure approximately 8 3/4 inches long  and 3 7/8 inches wide.


    Price is for THREE bags.

  • Vintage WWII-era German Metzgerei Meat Bags Rations
  • Metzgerei Meat Bags (set of 3)

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