• NNC Navy Nurse White Indoor Uniform Dress (Named)
    (B-34" W-25.5" H-32.5")

  • $200.00 USD

  • Description

    WWII Navy Nurse Corps (NNC) white indoor uniform dress with belt.

    MEASUREMENTS (approximate):
    Bust - 34"
    Waist - 25 1/2" (can be stretched to a very tight 26")
    Hips - 32 1/2"
    Length - 38 3/4"

    Nice Navy Nurse Uniform label at the neck. Named to Frances Tomasela. Overall decent condition, with some issues. The buttons are held in place by cotter pins. The buttonholes have some wear. Some wear and fraying on the collar. There are some (rust?) stains on the waist pocket and the edges of the waist and bust pocket have small tears. One cuff also has (rust?) stains. The belt has some small holes and pulls in the material. Some staining by a button that is hidden when worn. A few spots and pulls in the material. Part of the hem has come unstitched, The hem is 3" so it could be let down a bit if needed. The cuffs should have cufflinks which are not included.