• Novelty Print Happy New Year Vest

  • $49.00 USD

  • Description

    Vintage 1940s / 1950s novelty print Happy New Year vest. Perfect for any New Year's Eve party! It slips on over the head and ties in the back. From one end of the tie to the other is about 51". If you wanted to be able to tie it in a bow in the back, it would accommodate up to about a 38" waist; it could go larger if you just tie it in a knot.


    It is in decent, wearable condition. I just got this in and wanted to get it up on the website in time for the holidays, so I did not have a chance to wash it. There are a few light stains. It looks like it has been worn and washed a few times already. Two sewn in gold colored buttons in the front. A few loose strings. There is a small "L" size tag That is barely holding on.