• Original 100cm Brown Shoe Laces

  • $4.75 USD

  • Description

    These are original German brown shoelaces that are 100cm (~39.37 inches) long made by Der Gute Schuhriemen. This is approximately the same length used on many reproduction low boots, although I think they are a bit on the long side. This is an excellent color for low boots; a nice brown which is what they were issued with. All laces are new old stock in good condition. but may have slight storage wear.


    The price is for one pair.


    We also have 60cm shoe laces (in black and brown) and US brown boot laces (39"-40").

  • Vintage 1930s / 1940s WWII German Brown Shoe Laces 100cm
  • Original 100cm Brown Shoe Laces

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