• Original 1L Medical Canteen Mismatched

  • $139.00 USD

  • Description

    Original mismatched but complete 1L medical canteen, which even has the original shoulder strap. The cup is an original Bakelite cup, not a crappy cast resin repro. I would not use this canteen but the leather is strong enough to use on a dummy or for display. The finish has worn off much of the leather but the leather is still flexible.


    There are a few small moth holes on the cover. The cover is actually on backwards but I had already taken the pictures for the listing so I left it that way. The bottle seems a little dented on the bottom. It is not perfect inside but it is better than most.


    All in all, this is a pretty decent example. There was a time, not that many years ago, I would have been fairly excited to find an example of the complete shoulder strap. The shoulder strap looks like it has some cracks in it but this seems to just be in the surface finish and doesn't seem to effect the strength or flexibility of the strap significantly.