• Original 8cm Bipod Lock Plate Replacement

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  • Description

    Original WWII German replacement 8cm Gr.W.34 mortar parts. Many parts are still partially coated in a red sealant to provide corrosion protection. The coating is original German also.


    These always break!!! This part is mounted at one end of the recoil mechanism and the hooks are used to lock the upper portion of bipod in a fixed position with the lower portion of the bipod, so it doesn't spin and flop around when you are carrying it. A bipod that breaks becomes very hungry for pinching fingers and is not any fun to handle. We know these break a lot because we have handled dozens of originals and this is the most frequently damaged part (apart from post-war heavily modified sight blocks)


    Parts are in great condition. Markings may vary; some parts have no markings. Only 3 available - no hope of ever finding more.

  • WWII German 8cm Mortar Bipod Lock Plate Replacement
  • Original 8cm Bipod Lock Plate Replacement

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