• Original 8cm Bolt Wrench Late War

  • $30.00 USD

  • Description

    Original WWII German replacement 8cm Gr.W.34 mortar parts.


    These are mid-late war 8cm mortar bolt take down tools. The price is for one. It performs 3 functions: it is a screw driver to remove the threaded bolt plug from the bottom of the barrel, it is a hook tool to stick into the bolt area and engage the bolt so it can be pulled out (this is the T shaped end), and lastly it is a wrench to remove and replace the firing pin from the bolt. These have no markings, which is typical for mid war and later 8cm parts. Earlier wrenches would have been marked, painted rather than blued, and had an extra machined piece inset to the firing pin wrench portion to reinforce it. A critical part of the tool kit.


    Parts are in great condition. Markings may vary; some parts have no markings. Only 4 available - no hope of ever finding more.

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