• Original Black Shoe Laces 100cm

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    These are original German black shoelaces that are 100cm (~39.37 inches) long made by Prima.   This is approximately the same length used on many reproduction low boots, although I think they are a bit on the long side. These were supposedly discovered in an abandoned former Kriegsmarine depot.


    I know most reenactors prefer black or dark colored laces like these but it might be interesting to know that most boots were issued with brown laces and Gebirgsjäger boots were issued with grass green laces!!!.  All laces are in good condition.


    The price is for one pair.


    We also have 60cm shoe laces (in black and brown) and original brown shoe laces 100cm.

  • Original WWII German Black Shoe Laces 100cm
  • Original Black Shoe Laces 100cm

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