• Original Fliegerschutzanzug für Sommer Flight Suit

  • $1,100.00 USD

  • Description

    Very nice Luftwaffe summer flight suit, 1940 and later pattern. I will point out its flaws first. The zippers of the two thigh pockets are missing the zipper body, the main zipper does have a small tear at the very end of the pull (safe to use, but if you close it hard and fast you could go off the tracks) and lastly there are several minor stains/dirt. The stains and such are mostly subtle and I don't find them distracting. 

    The zippers are from a variety of makers, Zipp, Ri Ri, Prym, etc... The sleeves are lined with that amazing artificial silk and still have the inner cuffs. 

    All in all this is a good example which displays well and would look very good on a mannequin. If it was any nicer, you would probably just want to put it away and keep it safe. It's a good balance of condition and use. This is a fascinating garment with a load of features.


    It is not a huge size. I am 5'11" and I found it to be just a bit too short for me to put on.