• Original German Camo Net w/ Repairs 1

  • $650.00 USD

  • Description

    This is an original WWII German net used for camouflaging guns, equipment, postions, etc... Yes, this is what actual German army camo nets look like! It measures 12' X 12'. This is a very distinctive net and easily recognizable in original photographs.


    It has large aluminum grommets twisted into the ropes of the next in a pattern. The grommets could be used for poles to hold the net up out of the way of gun positions and could also be used to stitch multiple nets together to cover larger areas. These grommets are found around the outside edge of the net with several more on the crisscross ropes running through the net and with another one near the center. These grommets and additional ropes stand out in photographs. There are also small wood toggles one ropes around the outer edge, although this net is missing a few. Cloth and foliage could be woven into the nets to match the surrounding area making the nets very adaptable compared with many other nets. 


    This net is in overall used, but maintained, condition. It has numerous period repairs using various colors of rope. There are 8 intact wood toggles around the outer edge of the net with another broken one. There should be a total of 16 so basically half are missing/broken. The net is displayable as-is. 


    These nets came from a depot along the west wall that was only recently cleared out. Until now, virtually no nets were ever available. When the nets from this recent discovery are gone, there probably won't be anymore.