• Original German Snowflake Mittens

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    Vintage 1930s / 1940s German snowflake mittens. They are pictured with an advertisement from back cover of the June 1939 issue of "Motor und Sport" magazine (a magazine dedicated to vehicles and travel). They are pictured in a 1930s sales catalog as a unisex item. Also,a very similar print can be seen on a knitting pattern from England.


    They are a small size. They would be an extra-small for a man or an average small/medium for a woman. Unstretched, they measure approximately 10 1/2" long and 3 1/4" across (measurements vary slightly from pair to pair).


    We have four colors available: brown, blue, pink and tan: choose which you would like from the drop-down menu before adding to cart. ONLY PINK IS AVAILABLE!

    The cuffs my have a slight indents from where the pile was banded together. They are all in very good condition. They may be a small speck on some mittens. On the brown pair, the inside colors are not matching but they are still tied together.  The tan pair are also tied together. The pink pair has a different pattern than the others.


    These mittens came from the estate of a woman who, in the 1930s, was a seamstress who worked from her house and her husband was a traveling salesman. After the war, the area of Germany she lived in became East Germany and, under communism, she was not allowed to continue working from home. She packed away all of her remaining inventory in the attic and she and her husband went to work in a factory. These mittens may never have even been worn! We also have gloves from the same woman available here.

    Nice and warm; perfect for the cold weather!