• Original German Toilet Paper

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  • Description

    We picked up a nearly full box of original or even pre-war crepe toilet paper. I believe it is from the 1930's or earlier as it was made without the center cardboard tube, which had become something of a standard by the outbreak of WWII. That said, some TP made for the Wehrmacht did not have the tube and it is also possible that the tube fell out of use with war time shortages. After the war in East Germany, similar paper was used for a long time but it had a cardboard tube center. We did find a Great War fork-spoon in the bottom of the box of toilet paper.


    It is in surprisingly decent condition for its age. Price is for one roll. Some rolls have water staining. No choice. The best ones ship out first. Great display item, also good for your collection. There are no markings or labels, just cool old toilet paper.

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