• Original Green M42 HBT Tunic

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  • Description

    Original German M42 Green HBT combat field blouse or tunic. The insignia is all original but it has been applied recently and was done decently well, certainly inline with most originally applied insignia.  There are many methods for applying insignia and these were applied with the technique most often seen with HBT tunics.


    The tunic is in very good condition and doesn't appear to have been worn much, if it was worn at all. There are a few places of wear, some scuffs, some very light staining, and pulls in the material. There is a nip by the buttons. The buttons are certainly of the era, but are not typical and could just as easily been replaced recently as period applied. It is made of the darker, slightly more blueish colored Green HBT which is common for the tunics. The lining material is the artificial silk material. The shoulder board buttons are missing, and the loops for the boards are replaced. The R.B.Nr. and size markings are still pretty clear. I did notice on the lining near one of the tunic hook holes, you can still make out a tiny red dot which is from a red crayon used at the factory for many uniforms and equipment. Sometimes you see red, sometimes yellow, and sometimes red and yellow on the same item. This means this has certainly never been washed and is very close to unissued as these marks generally fade quickly. 


    All in all, a great tunic that displays very well. Chest measurement is abut 38".


    No shipping to certain countries, such as Germany, who outlaw the importation of certain militaria items that display the eagle. We reserve the right to cancel any international order if we believe it may be seized by customs.