• Original Kriegsmarine Rucksack

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  • Description

    Original German rucksack. I was unfamiliar with this particular strap layout until meeting this backpack. The somewhat unusual backpack straps indicate it was made for the Kriegsmarine or at least that is the best guess at this time. The town where I bought this had a Kriegsmarine depot and a great many of these were found in the area as the locals raided the depot at the end of the war. While I have not seen any others with these straps, a great many exist in one small area around this one former depot. This isn't exactly definitive evidence, but it is compelling. The town was also located in the heart of the German wartime textile industry and it contained a great many manufacturers for various things. The webbing used here can be traced back to another large factory in this area as I was also to obtain a few rolls of it which were cleaned out of said factory. It is in reasonably good condition with a few tiny holes and one small repair. There is a name written inside.