• Original Thompson M1A1 Recoil Springs

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    Description revision: We spoke with a knowledgeable Thompson collector and he was able to tell us a good bit more about these springs so we felt we needed to update this listing.  The springs themselves were manufactured by MAGUIRE INDUSTRIES INCORPORATED and may or may not be war time production, the springs were then purchased and repacked by Rock Island Arsenal who recycled the original tags by taping their own tag over the old one and repacking the springs. The springs were repacked in October of 1954, we were not able to confirm that as a repackaging date until now.  The green wax paper came about during Korea and would have been brown during the war.  These springs are a very interesting piece of Thompson history.


    Thompson M1A1 replacement recoil springs made by Rock Island Arsenal.  There is nothing better than original replacement parts. We bought these out of a garden shed in Germany.  They were packed away in their original shipping box.  They are packaged in bundles of 4 wrapped in wax paper and tagged.  There are a few loose springs.  All springs have a light coat of gcosmoline which has kept them in very good condition. Whether you just need a replacement spring or you want to buy an entire bundle to have a piece of history, this is a great opportunity that doesn't come along often. 

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    • A single M1A1 spring  or
    • A bundle of 4 M1A1 springs (comes with wax paper wrapping and tag)
    • Each spring is about 11.5in. long
  • WWII US Army GI Original Thompson M1A1 Recoil Springs
  • Original Thompson M1A1 Recoil Springs
  • Original Thompson M1A1 Recoil Springs
  • Original Thompson M1A1 Recoil Springs

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