• Original Truppenfahrrad Bicycle Luggage Rack

  • $89.00 USD

  • Description

    We picked up a handful of these original WWII German truppenfahrrad or waffenrad luggage racks.  These are considered by most to be Wehrmacht bike racks and there are many original photos of this model of rack on German army bikes.  These racks have both the side holes for straps like all other models of Wehrmacht luggage racks and the spring clip to hold luggage tightly on the bike (which is a predominantly civilian trait.) They appear to be a combination of the best traits of early war Heer racks and popular civilian racks.  The war ended before this batch left the factory.  They were bought still sealed in their original bulk packaging box.


    They are in overall good condition but have a few small areas of light rust, storage wear and the paint is somewhat flaky and thin. The rear support arm measures 17 inches from where it bolts on to the pivot point in the frame of the rack. The top portion of the rack in 8" wide and 17.5" from the back to the mount bracket.

    • Original, new old stock
    • Original paint with only minor storage wear.
    • Complete and ready to mount.
    • Has side holes for straps (like all Wehrmacht racks)
    • Has spring clip for luggage (like many civilian racks)