• Pre-WWII German Dirndl w/ Painted Skirt
    (B-32 1/2" W-32"--)

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  • Description

    Vintage antique pre-WWII German dirndl (traditional dress). Although, this dress dates to well before WWII, dirndls experienced a resurgence of popularity in the 1930s and 1940s.

    MEASUREMENTS (approximate):
    Bust - 32 1/2"
    Waist - 32"
    Hips - free
    Length - 43"
    Shoulder Seam to Shoulder Seam - 13 1/8"

    This dress came from a trunk in Munich. It has a bit of an odd cut (odd to Americans, but very common on old German items) where the armholes seem small and higher up. This outfit is three pieces: the main wool dress, a lacy apron and a short white undershirt (modern, included to get the look correct).

    The top of the dress is a dark pink hue and has flower and geometric designs woven into the material. It buttons with carved glass buttons (the top buttons is different; the rest of the buttons have flowers carved in them). The skirt is made of two slightly different materials (very minor differences between the back and front). The light blue designs on the skirt are painted on! This dress is truly a piece of art! The collar and the bottom of the skirt are trimmed in velvet.

    The bottom hem of the skirt has a plaid material on the inside - the same material as German army bed sheets. This pattern was common for bed sheets in hotels before the army used the pattern. It is possible that this dress belonged to a woman who ran a Gasthof bed and breakfast before the war.

    There is ruching along the waist. It has a hook and eye at the waist and a snap underneath on the skirt (covered by the apron). The skirt even has pockets. It is in good condition with only a few minor repairs.

    The apron is a small, short lacy piece (so as not to cover up too much of the decorative skirt). The apron ties in the back. It shows discoloration along the top and a bit of fraying and small repairs (it can be folded slightly over itself to hide the discoloration).

    The white undershirt is more newly made (within the last 30 years) but is included to give the dirndl the correct look. It has a design on the sleeves and an elastic waist. It may have very minor discoloration.


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