• Red Cross Gray Lady 1930s Uniform
    (B-38" W-30" H-40")

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  • Description

    Vintage pre-war American Red Cross gray lady uniform. 


    MEASUREMENTS (approximate):
    Bust - 38"
    Waist - 30"
    Hips - 40"
    Length - 45"
    Sleeve (shoulder seam to end of cuff) - 22"


    This style uniform dress came out in March 1936. Made by Stein Uniform Co. This uniform would have been worn into WWII by ladies who had been in the Red Cross since before the war. The uniform was changed in July 1941 (this is the standard wartime gray lady dress).

    Fairly good condition, but it does have some flaws. Belt loops but the belt is missing (the hem is fairly large, so a belt could be made from the hem). There is a snap at the neck, at the end of the sleeves and snaps on the side. The white collar has some stains. Some spots along the shoulder. Stains on the pocket and one on the hem of the skirt. There is light staining under the arms. I have not made any attempt to launder it - the stains may come out or be lessened.