• Red Cross Gray Lady Uniform Dress & Hat
    (B-43" W-35" H-44.75")

  • $150.00 USD

  • Description

    Original WWII American Red Cross "gray lady" uniform dress and hat. This is the indoor uniform of the Hospital and Recreation Corps. 


    MEASUREMENTS (approximate):
    Bust - 43"
    Waist on Dress - 35"
    Waist on Belt - 33 1/4"
    Hips - 45 1/2"
    Length - 44 3/4"


    The outfit is made of cotton. White epaulets on the shoulders. Size 18. Made by Stein Uniform Co.

    There are some light stains throughout the dress and a little on the hat (it has not be laundered and will probably clean up well). On the neck, there is some wear near the button. There is some light sweat staining under the arms. There is also a tiny hole by one armpit. There are pinprick holes in the belt where a button used to be (it had been taken in and was taken back out). The hat is quite wrinkly as it had been stored in the pocket.