• Red Fringe Short Sleeve Jacket
    (B-34.5" W-30")

  • $36.00 USD

  • Description

    Vintage 1940s red fringe short sleeve jacket. This is a 1940s take on the iconic 1920s flapper style.

    MEASUREMENTS (approximate):**
    Bust - 34 1/2"
    Waist - 30"
    Length - 15"
    Neck -13"
    **the above measurements should be a little loose on you.


    Lovely rayon red top with pink fringe. The zipper is Kover-Zip, meant to blend in better than a normal zipper. It is in wearable condition, but it is delicate and does have some flaws. There are some stains on the fringe. The rayon is stained under the arms, but the fringe hides most of it. There is a hole on the side, but, again, the fringe hides it very well. Some of the fringe pieces are shorter than others. The lining has discoloration under the arms and along the neck. The bottom hem is coming unstitched.