• Reichsfrauenführung Recipe and Sewing Books (Set of 18)

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  • Description

    Reichsfrauenführung Schriftenreihe für die praktische Haüsfraü - written series for the practical housewife. Printed by the Deutchen Frauenwerk and the Reichsausschuss für Volkswirtschaftliche Aufklärung. 


    There are 18 pieces total plus the cover. There are 14 booklets that cover recipes and rationing, sewing and repairing clothing (make do and mend!), gardening, canning and some cleaning tips inside a cover the ties together with string. Also included are three smaller recipe books (one dated 1937, one Christmas and one baking) and a Deutsches Frauwerk recipe leaflet. The cover is well-worn and is ripped. The booklets are in generally good shape with only light wear. The leaflet has a few small tears.


    The repair and repurpose booklets are interesting as the show how to properly repair and extend the life of clothing and also how best to recycle it into something new. There are a lot of great wartime recipes and several regional dishes. Some of the recipe books are more broad, but some focus on specifics like: baking and desserts, vegetable dishes and fish. This is a really great set with so much insight to life on the homefront.


    The booklets measure about 10 1/2" by 6 1/2".  Normally, we charge $8 per booklet, but with this set, each piece comes out to less than $4.