• Reproduction Gas Decontamination Bottle Label

  • $1.00 USD

  • Description

    Reproduction model 41 gas decontamination bottles labels. The labels are professionally printed using an ink that will not bleed even when completely soaked.  Printed on good paper, not bright white copy paper or over exaggerated aged paper. The artwork for the label was taken from an original and completely cleaned to produce a more accurate reproduction, not just a scan.  Scanned repros paper items often pick up imperfections and dirt on the paper and don't repair printing errors or age related damage making glaringly obvious repros.  We experimented with coating the labels to add an extra layer of detail to them as original were coated to help protect them from leaky contents, but we found the coating also inhibited glues from properly adhering the label to the bottle, making the label more likely to fall off.  The coating was also barely noticeable so we decided against using it. Price is for one label, bottle not included.

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