• Reproduction Wehrmacht Condoms Vulkan Sanex

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    Reproduction German Wehrmacht Vulkan Sanex condoms. Each box contains 3 individually wrapped condoms. This was copied from an original example. Unlike many condoms that were possibly used by the Wehrmacht, this one was actually made for them and is marked on the back with instructions that they are only to be distributed to formations of the German army and to give them to anyone else was not permissible (I am sure you were allowed to use them with someone else, but that is beside the point).

    We even tracked down decent looking modern condoms (non-lubricated with a small reservoir) so even the condoms themselves look correct. The condoms are good until 2018 so feel free to have some fun without breaking character.

    We spent a great deal of time restoring the artwork and getting the printer settings just right to make an accurate reproduction (printed in multiple layers so colors overlap and ink will not bleed when wet). Most repros out there are mere scans with almost no effort put in to make them look like brand new originals.

    This is a revival of one of our very first products. We first reproduced these in 2007/2008. It has always been our experience that very personal items like this make some of the best displays as it is often more relatable for the public than military hardware and it reminds them that Germans were human too.

  • Reproduction Wehrmacht Condoms Vulkan Sanex WWII German
  • Reproduction Wehrmacht Condoms Vulkan Sanex
  • Reproduction Wehrmacht Condoms Vulkan Sanex

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