• Trier 1933 Pilgrimage Token

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    Heilige Helena Bitte für Uns ("pray for us") medal. The back is dated 1933 and says "Der Rock Aber War Ohne Naht, Von Oben An Durchaus Gewebt" (Now the coat was without seam, woven whole from the top down). The aluminum charm measures about 7/8" in diameter. Good condition with light wear.


    Backstory: Helena (or Saint Helena) was an Empress of the Roman Empire, and mother of Emperor Constantine the Great. She made a religious tour later in life and brought a seamless tunic worn by Christ from Jerusalem to Trier, Germany. The garment is usually stored in the reliquary and is not on display. However, pilgrimages take place at irregular intervals to view the garment, one of which was in 1933.

  • Pre-WWII German Trier 1933 Helena Religious Pilgrimage Token
  • Pre-WWII German Trier 1933 Helena Religious Pilgrimage Charm
  • Trier 1933 Pilgrimage Token
  • Trier 1933 Pilgrimage Token

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