• WAC / ANC Winter Coat

  • $215.00 USD

  • Description

    Original WWII women's army coat. I am not sure if this was WAC or ANC (I'm leaning toward army nurse). I believe it to be a officer's coat.


    MEASUREMENTS (approximate): **
    Bust - 41"
    Waist - 40"
    Hips - 46"
    Length - 40"

    **Measurements are of the coat itself, you need to be able to fit your uniform on underneath.


    It is in generally good wearable condition but it does have flaws. There is a small tear in the back where the material came together, two small holes under one armpit, a few very little almost-holes (the material has worn thin), a few small stains in front and at the end of the sleeve, and some wear and loose stitching on the lining. There is a zipper to attach another lining to it.