• Women's Flight Boots in Box

  • $250.00 USD

  • Description

    Vintage 1940s flight boots in box. They are made of brown rubber. They are marked size 5 1/2.


    Measurements taken from the outside are as follows:
    Bottom: 10 1/4"
    Across ball of foot: 3 3/8"
    Height: 11"
    Top opening: 13 1/2"
    Remember, these are taken from the outside, meaning the actual area where your foot fits will be LESS than the listed measurements.


    I do not know much about these. I found them in a barn with 1940s and older items. I am unsure if these were meant to be worn as galoshes or as standalone boots. I don't know if this would be something used by WASPs or military women. Either way, they are a pretty cool unique piece.


    These do not look like they've been worn. They have storage wear and dirt. The box is in VERY rough condition and is falling apart. It is only the bottom part; the lid is long gone. One side is completely ripped off and the others are almost torn off. The boots themselves are in pretty good condition. They are lined with a felt like material that shows some wear. I tried to photograph most of the flaws, marks and dirt.