• Women's Marine Seersucker Jacket and Skirt (AS-IS)
    (B-37" W-27" H-36")

  • $299.00 USD

  • Description

    Original WWII USMCWR Marines Corps Women's Reserve summer seersucker uniform.

    MEASUREMENTS (approximate):
    Bust - 37"
    Waist - 28"
    Length - 23"
    SKIRT: *
    Waist - 27"
    Hips - 36"
    Length - 27 3/4"


    This uniform is in fair condition and has had some modifications / repairs made to it. It is still wearable, but it does have flaws. The jacket has white buttons, some attach with cotter pins and some are sewn on. There are no shoulder epaulets, although there are buttons on the shoulders. The skirt has been let down. There are several small holes and pulls in the material on both the jacket and skirt. The sleeves have tears that have been repaired by a very similar material. Some yellowing on the neck, sleeves and under the arms (not very noticeable on the outside, but you can see it on the inside). The button on the waist looks replaced and seems a bit smaller than it should be. The skirt was taken in at some point and the seam is a bit crooked. There is a hole where the button was moved to.

    *The skirt (as it is now) seems a bit big for the jacket as the jacket would be quite tight on someone with a 27" waist.