• WWII Marine Corps Women's Uniform - Civilianized
    (B-36" W-26.5" H-38")

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  • Description

    Original WWII women's Marine Corps (USMCWR) uniform than has been civilianized. 


    MEASUREMENTS (approximate):
    Bust - 36"
    Waist on Jacket - 29"
    Length on Jacket - 25 1/4"
    Waist on Skirt - 26 1/2"
    Hips - 38"
    Length on Skirt - 28"


    This uniform was converted to use as a civilian skirt suit after the war (likely by the marine herself). A velvet darker green collar has been added (it is sewn in fairly well). The collar disc hole is visible on the underside of the velvet.. The original buttons have been replaced with dark green buttons. The skirt does not look modified. It still has the metal Talon zipper.


    Condition: OK. there are several moth holes. The worst is on the sleeve cuff. But there are also holes on the jacket by the armpit, on one epaulet, and some small one on the back. The skirt has a few scattered holes as well. The button on the skirt is a little worn. The hooks and eyes inside are either coming loose or resewn. The hooks and eyes looked added to make it smaller. The inside lining on the jacket is stained (skirt is unlined). The outfit has kind of a mothball / attic / musty smell to it. No attempts have been made to clean it.



    This uniform originally came with the hat, but I have listed it separately as it has not been modified. The hat is available here.