• WWII Women's Marine Corps Jacket (as-is)
    (B-36" W-30")

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  • Description

    Original WWII women's Marine Corps (USMCWR) jacket.

    MEASUREMENTS (approximate):
    Bust - 36"
    Waist - 30"
    Length - 24"

    Named to Casimira Eva Morze 775457.

    CONDITION: As-is with flaws. We have made no attempts to launder or repair this. There is a lot of rust stains: by the top button (mostly covered when worn), along the shoulder area on one side (there are several pictures of the same area to try to show the true extent of the stains), and a few spots on the back. The buttons have rust. There are a few small holes in the sleeve and one by the pocket. It also has a few pulls in the material. The lining probably has the worst of the wear and it is fairly poor condition. There are a lot of stains and tears on the lining.


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