• Zeiss Ikon Camera in Case 120 Film

  • $65.00 USD

  • Description

    Very nice Zeiss Ikon camera which takes 120 film with its case. The bellows are in good condition with no holes. The inside is clean and everything appears to be working well, including the shutter and timer. I am having trouble placing an exact year of manufacture for this camera, but this style was introduced in 1929 and produced though the war and after. It has a detachable and collapsible view finder for portrait photos and a pop up box in box style view finder which is built in. This type of fold flat camera was extremely popular among German soldiers and are frequently seen in photos. Very often you will see soldiers wearing or carrying the leather case. This would make a good reenacting camera and the 120 film is still available.


    I believe this is prewar but it is possible that it is early post war. I just can not find this exact camera anywhere, all the precisely dated ones are slightly different.