• New Items directly from Germany

    We are offering a 25% off site wide coupon to the customer that gives us the best picking lead in Germany or any bordering country, whether it is a person, militaria show, flea market, store, etc...  Email us with your lead at

    Over the next 2 months, we will be traveling around Europe.  Some of our inventory will remain in the U.S. with a colleague who will be shipping it on our behalf.  As always, we will ship orders as fast as possible but, while traveling, there are a number of factors that will slow us down as we will not have our supply of packaging materials, our internet connection will be sporadic, the list goes on.  We have noted in every item description whether it will ship from the U.S. or from Europe.  As we travel and pick up new items they will be added to the site. If you wish to buy an item and have us hold it to ship later, so you can see the new items we list and combine shipping at the end of the trip, just add it to your cart, make a note on your order, check out normally, and we will refund you the difference for combined shipping when it is time to ship out your package.  Shipping from Germany is done by weight so feel free to max out your order to the next flat rate.  We will post a cost by weight chart on every European listing along with each individual items packed weight so you can play with the numbers and get the most out of your shipping. 

    If there are items you would like us to pick up for you in Germany (original items, generic German stuff or food, etc...) please fill out our wish list here:


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