• No More Shipping to France

    We are no longer shipping to France. Unfortunately, France (and Germany where we already stopped shipping to because of repeated customs problems) passed a new "environmental" law that requires any seller who sends ANY package at all to France to sign up for their system, pay fees and do needless paperwork. I don't have enough sales volume to justify this added headache, so regretfully, I can no longer ship to France. 

    If you are curious about the EPR law, this website explains what it means for sellers. The main takeaway is that there is no threshold, so this will disproportionality hurt small businesses, like me.


    In other shipping news, I can now ship to Australia again as USPS seems to have lifted its covid regulations.


    I would also like to remind international buyers that we must declare full value on all customs forms and customs fees / VAT are the responsibility of the buyer.

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