• Sunglasses restocked today!

    We have restocked G.I. sunglasses and tortoise shell German round sunglasses

    Even after many years, the G.I. sunglasses remain my default everyday sunglasses. They just have a great look. I keep a pair in the car and in my travel bag to ensure I always have them wherever I go. I do also keep a pair of my German sunglasses in my box of German equipment for events. 

    We will begin working on the next sunglasses run soon, I will likely be revisiting the Luftwaffe type sunglasses and taking the next batch one step further to add the side shades. This will add expense and might feel a little awkward to wear so I will make some subtle alterations, but I feel like it will be nice to have at least a limited run of these sunglasses for the real die-hard collectors and reenactors. The original pairs typically cost $300+ so I know it is an item missing from a lot of collections. I only was able to obtain my sample by pure chance.

    I am also considering making one of the other styles of US G.I. issued sunglasses but it is hard to pick out a style that doesn't look too stupid. The US had many variations and virtually all of them were terrible except for the pair I chose listed above. I do think however that some might be just strange enough that people will want them for the oddity of it. A little variety would also do the hobby some good.

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  • No More Shipping to France

    We are no longer shipping to France. Unfortunately, France (and Germany where we already stopped shipping to because of repeated customs problems) passed a new "environmental" law that requires any seller who sends ANY package at all to France to sign up for their system, pay fees and do needless paperwork. I don't have enough sales volume to justify this added headache, so regretfully, I can no longer ship to France. 

    If you are curious about the EPR law, this website explains what it means for sellers. The main takeaway is that there is no threshold, so this will disproportionality hurt small businesses, like me.


    In other shipping news, I can now ship to Australia again as USPS seems to have lifted its covid regulations.


    I would also like to remind international buyers that we must declare full value on all customs forms and customs fees / VAT are the responsibility of the buyer.

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  • Abridged Germany Trip

    We were able to make it to Germany for a few weeks this year and, as usual, we sent home many big boxes. Stay tuned to the website to see what we found! Updates are every Friday at 6pm EST
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  • Shipping Delays and Show of Shows

    There will be shipping delays from Wednesday Feb 23 - Monday Feb 28 because we will be vending at the Show of Shows in Louisville, KY.
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  • Reproduction Pinback Buttons

    We now have a collection of reproduction pinback buttons! They are all Allied and Victory themed.

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    Black Friday sale has started! Over 250 items marked down. Ends early morning Nov 30!

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  • Sunglasses at Ciney

    We will be set up selling at Ciney militaria show in Belgium. We will be in row 80. I will be bringing reproduction sunglasses to sell. We will mostly have US women's uniforms, but there will be some GI and German stuff as well.

    The website will continue functioning as normal. We have someone who stays in the US to fulfill and ship all orders.

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  • USPS Slowing Down First Class Mail

    USPS is slowing down first class mail. Be prepared to wait a few extra days for your package (or upgrade to priority). From the article, "Almost 4 of 10 pieces of first-class mail will see slower delivery...That means mail delivery will be slower than in the 1970s."


    Read the full article here.

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  • Tube Restock & MAX Show

    We have restocked the following items:

    Kaffee Konserve 
    Strawberry jam
    Solidox toothpaste 
    Rifle Grenades

    We will be vending at the MAX militaria show in York, PA September 16-18 2021.

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  • USPS Suspends Mail Delivery to Australia

    The US Postal Service has added Australia to the list of countries that they are no longer shipping to at this time. Below is a list of all the countries that have suspended service. Orders placed from these countries will be cancelled and refunded.

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