• Pressstoff "SS" Late War MG Pouch

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  • Description

    Original unissued pressstoff MG gunners pouch of very late construction bearing both a waffen amt and a small SS in a diamond marking, I have encountered this marking a few times and its always on original pieces but I believe it might be something someone did to try to make them more sellable in some way, I am leaning towards this being a fantasy marking but am not entirely sure. The condition is generally good. Its fairly solid and flexible. There is a little bit of seam popping along one back side but it is not a serious issue yet. The main closure is still flexible enough to open and close without too much fear of breaking although the leather immediately around the hole is cracking a bit, but is not dry or hard. Interestingly, this pouch has the rivets for the internal parts but is actually completely empty. The internals were never installed. It is possible that this is so late that the internal bits were left out and the holes were simply plugged with rivets.


    All-in-all, this is a great example and would look good completing a mannequin or to help round out a collection of variations of this iconic pouch.

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