• Red White and Blue Stripe Patriotic Dress with USN Sweetheart Buttons
    (B-48" W-41.5" H-50")

  • $99.00 USD

  • Description

    Vintage 1940s red, white and blue patriotic stripe dress.

    MEASUREMENTS (approximate):
    Bust- 48"
    Waist- 41 1/2"
    Hips- 50"
    Length- 43"

    This is somewhat of a wounded bird, but it is so good. The PERFCET patriotic dress with US Navy sweetheart buttons on the chest! Chateau Frocks label. There are some repairs by the buttons (hidden when worn). Small spot on the skirt, small spot on the fabric accent near the USN button, a few tiny holes and some overall general fading. No belt, unfortunately. It's definitely still wearable as-is. I did give it a quick soak. It's clean, but could use some spot treating if desired.