• Reproduction K98 Rifle Sling

  • $24.00 USD

  • Description

    New made reproduction K98 rifle sling. Also fits a G43 K43 and MP44. These are very nice for the price. They are well made, sewn together with a natural thread and very detailed. The steel hardware was painted black rather than being blued but that is the only slight flaw that I can see with them. Marked "kem 41" with a waffen amt. The leather has been treated with neatsfoot oil to darken them and give them a more worn in oiled look. They may still be a little oily.


    To install your K98 sling...

    1. Remove the keeper piece and then insert the end of the sling through the front sling band on the rifle with the rough side of the sling facing out. It is best to pull the sling quite far through, it gives you more slack later in the installation.
    2. Pull the sling back through the leather loop. 
    3. Pull the sling through the steel clasp part. Again, pulling most of the length through will give you more slack to work with later.
    4. Pull the sling through the slot in the K98 stock.
    5. Reinstall the leather keeper piece. There are 3 adjustment holes to choose from, any will work fine. The sling fits the steel stud on the keeper tightly to make sure it stays in place. It is best to start by getting the stud through one side of the hole first then press it over from there.